My name's Bree.

I'm a passionate and determined mum and woman in business who has a deep desire to leave a legacy defined by the significant difference I've been able to make in women's lives.

And I believe YOU want to do the same.

So, let's cut to the chase...what's stopping you from having all you wan? What's getting  in your way?

Your own Limitations of what you think you can
(or can't?) do?

Your past?

The situation and circumstances that have led you to where you are right now?

You 'lack' of qualifications or experiences?

No matter what it is, I can show you a way to get MORE of what you want so YOU are in the drivers seat of your life experience....


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What do you want?

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How I help you....

I want to live my life being the best ME
that I can be, without any internal turmoil getting in the way....
I'm DONE with my story

I want to live my life doing something that brings me Financial Independence, Freedom and total Contentment
while helping others

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You're an ambitious woman with a dream to make your life MEAN something. You not only want to be the best woman that you can be, you also want to genuinely help other women to do the same! You might even find yourself saying "I know that I'm here to make a difference to others!"

You are already inspiring others through the things that you do and the things that you say, but you feel deep down that there's MORE that you could be doing.

The problem is, you don't know HOW.

You don't know how AND you question if YOU have what it takes - from the outside it looks as though you've got the dream life and a lot of success already, however internally you doubt yourself, your abilities, your current knowledge. You've tried things in the past, and although you know you can kinda do it, you're yet to hit your stride and make it long-lasting.

You feel like there's a missing piece to what you are doing - as such, you spend time looking - enrolling in courses, or trying different things - you're on the hunt for a proven tool to follow that can act as a road map to your version of success... a harmonised life where there is satisfying family and personal time matched with a deeply satisfying level success that YOU have created and defined.

YOU'RE the kind of woman I LOVE working with, as you're a woman on a mission for self AND others.

Helping you to create a Lifestyle through leaving a Legacy


Despite the success that you've been able to build for yourself, you're hiding a secret that no-one knows.

And that is a deep, unspoken fear that you won't ACTUALLY be able to help HER when so much of YOU still feels BROKEN!

You've spent so much time and money "working on yourself" - you're always 'on the hunt' for something BETTER than what you currently know, and although everything you've tried has helped you to get you to where you are, you can't help but shake the feeling that something is still missing.... after all, you're still actively working through so many of your own insecurities!

Behind that big bold smile and the flash branding you've so carefully crafted, you feel like a fake. A fraud. Some might call it Imposter Syndrome.... that feeling that the perception everyone has of you is so far from the reality of who you are.

I know how HEAVY that fear can be - it's suffocating, hiding behind so many masks - pretending to have your shit together when deep down you're struggling to stay afloat.
It's even harder when you've spent so much time building a business and a name that focuses of Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence - EMPOWERMENT for OTHERS!

After all, your tribe - your girls - they've been following you - they watch you and they are inspired by you. And you WANT to continue doing that, but you want to do it with GENUINE, AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE - if only you get for YOURSELF what you promise HER!

I know for me, It got to a point where I was simply going through the motions - desperately trying to convince myself that things would eventually get better - after all, I WAS making a difference - people told me all the time how much I'd helped them to feel better about themselves so I SHOULD have felt good about what I was doing.

And if I did enough for THEM, surely I'd master my own doubts soon enough!!!

It felt so superficial and so damn hard!!!

I started to feel like such a hypocrite....  WHO WAS I to say I could help others feel confident when I didn't feel that myself?!

I started to beat MYSELF up, because with all my professional experience and success, I SHOULD have:

A) felt better about myself

B) felt internally as confident and successful as I outwardly appeared and

C) been able to help more women to follow in my footsteps

Sound familiar?

Does it sound like the time has come for you to step into a NEW level of YOU? One that can GENUINELY and AUTHENTICALLY create, live and demonstrate your life the way you choose, without having to "keep up with the Jones'?"

One that gives you the tools and wisdom to be able to help those women that you want to help, to their core?!

If you're reading this and thinking with a resounding YES, then I invite you to book in a call with me to learn how adding Transformology® to your repertoire can transform not just your life, not just your business, but the life of every single person in your world - your children, your partner AND your clients.

Still have some doubts? Keep reading to learn more about MY story in this journey and more about the Institute of Women International!

I want to create a Lifestyle AND a Legacy! Let's chat


So, what's stopping you?....

Maz Schirmer is the woman responsible for the incredible life I am privileged to lead now - it was because of Maz and Creatrix® that, in 2012, I stopped raging like a bull. It was because of Maz and her vision of  setting 10 Million Hearts Free that I was able to build the IMPACTFUL EMPOWERMENT business with ZERO burnout - and it's because of this mission that I now choose to work with women LIKE YOU! So you too can join a movement that has already set in motion a rise of strong, empowered, internally confident and powerful female leaders that in turn are driven to change the way that things are done on this planet.

Who am I?

Let's rewind a few years to the events that led me to where I am now....

In 2013 I walked away from a 6 figure business.... a move that left many of my family members, and my peers confused.

I was at the top of my game, my business had consistently improved year in and year out - I was frequently recognised as a Top Leader and one of the women to 'watch'

But there was a conflict inside of me.

And much of it was bred from the pressure I was feeling of not being able to deliver long term results to the women that I worked with - I didn't just want to momentarily support and encourage women, I WANTED TO genuinely HELP THEM TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

What I'm about now....

So what changed? With so much satisfaction and genuine SOUL-FELT success, why did I transition?

I know that through this work over the past 7 years that thousands of lives have been empowered - marriages saved, relationships moved on, connections with children deeper, working relationships more beneficial - after all, help one woman feel free and the ripple effect extends ten-fold.

HOWEVER, the Legacy and Impact that I so deeply desire to leave is limited when I can only help one woman at a time WHILE still honouring the other important area's of my life - and that is quality, open and connected relationships with my husband and children. So, in order for me to leave this planet knowing in my heart that I did everything I could to help others while creating incredible family memories, I had to start thinking BIGGER.

I started to ask myself "What if I can help 300+ women to learn what I know? What if I help 300+ women to build a business that is defined by their version of success, so they can go out there, work with women that THEY are passionate to help, create dream experiences that benefit their families?"If each of those 300+ women take what I can teach them, and help even 1 woman each, we've doubled the impact that we can collectively make. If they go an help 10 women each, we've collectively made a difference to THOUSANDS more.

And so began my transition from Transformologist® to Trainer with the Institute of Women International.


About Bree....

I wanted this for THEM, because ultimately I wanted those kind of results for ME! I had spent so much of my professional career working on myself in various ways, that it felt as though I should ALREADY BE as confident as I appeared. But it was all bullshit.

My smile and confident persona hid so many insecurities - because at my core, I believed that I was a fake and a fraud - I was constantly comparing myself to my peers - in my eyes I was NEVER going to be as good as them - as polished, as influential, successful or worthy. I was pushing up against the thickest glass ceiling - one of my own making and I was desperately searching for a way to smash through that.

I stumbled across Creatrix® Transformology® after I experienced Creatrix® for some personal issues that, at the time, were tearing my family apart. After the dramatic transformation I experienced (you can see it here), I couldn't NOT take my experience and build something that gave other women the same life transformation that I had. I couldn't continue on the path of building a successful, yet unsatisfying business, when I knew there was something SO MUCH MORE REWARDING available to not only me but to all the woman I deeply wanted to help.

THIS was the reason I left my previous business - because I knew that there was something more important than a 6 figure business, something FAR more important than recognition and accolades - I wanted Deep, Heart Felt Fulfilment that came as a result of making a REAL, Significant change in another woman's life.

And for 7 years, that's exactly what. I did. I worked with more than 330 clients during that time - helping every day women to be free from deep depression, severe anxiety, worthiness issues, anger and frustration issues, debilitating guilt and so much more. I was so confident in the outcome Creatrix®  could provide, that I offered a 100% Outcome Guarantee - and to date every single client I worked with achieved their desired outcome.

* you can check out what some of my past clients have said about working with me here *

I love the sound of that Bree! Let's Chat

You've been around the Personal Development block more than once, so it won't come as a surprise for yout to know that women NEED a different approach to healing, to business and living - and for the majority of women, working towards a 'standard' definition of success doesn't satisfy the soul - by working alongside the Institute of Women International, I'm able to contribute to helping more women HELP MORE WOMEN, and this is the opportunity I now extend to YOU.

You can learn all about the Institute of Women International on the Official Website Here

About Creatrix® Transformology®....

How would you like to be able to create an emotional breakthrough for your clients that, in the space of just 20 minutes, provides her with a profound, long-lasting transformation?

What would that FEEL LIKE for you, to be able to sit across from a woman.... to see the pain in her eyes and hear the turmoil in her voice, and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that you can help her to turn the light back on in her heart and free herself from that hurt?

This is Creatrix® Transformology® and it's the reason why I've been so obsessed with my career these past 8 years!

And YOU can enjoy the same kind of fulfilling, soul-satisfying career with Creatrix® Transformology®!

The study of Transformology® is frequently recognised as the Missing piece that our gender has been searching for.

It's a full body approach that results in GUARANTEED outcomes that align the Head, Heart AND Gut simultaneously, breaking the bloodline cycle of inherited negative issues and beliefs like nothing else currently available for women.

The training provided at the Institute of Women International means that our facilitators are competent and confident in what all the elements that are required for long-lasting, profound, CYCLE-BREAKING transformation.

One of our recent students described the program as the ultimate 'Plug and Play' opportunity - you, as an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER get to plug into a support network of trainers and sister facilitators to keep yourself motivated, inspired and most importantly, Emotionally Confident (through unlimited access to Creatrix®) while learning how to, and building the foundations of a business that allows you to Play - a business that inspires, encourages, motivates and FILLS UP YOUR CUP as you focus on helping OTHER women to feel Free!

Learn more about the Creatrix® Transformology® Program by clicking here OR book in a call with me below so we can discuss in more detail, how a Creatrix® Transformology® business could be the very thing you are searching for!

Every woman in the above video shares YOUR passion to not just step into THEIR best lives, and their truth, but to help others to do the same. This is the Ultimate Ripple Effect that will lead you to leaving a Legacy of REAL Transformation and Empowerment. You can join the hundreds of Transformologist® around the world in our Mission to set 10 Million Hearts Free by booking a call in with me today

Creatrix® Transformology® sounds amazing! Let's chat!



Pick the statement that most sounds like you

I firmly believe that if I help enough people to get what THEY want, that I in turn will get what I want!

Yep, I'm a woman with a big desire to leave a legacy because I don't just want to help myself, I want to use what I learn to help OTHER women to experience and create whatever they want in life.

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Although the idea of helping other women sounds wonderful, I really just want to be the best ME that I can be - for the people in my immediate world - like my family and my close friends.

I know that by putting me FIRST. I'll be a better mum, partner, friend and woman.

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