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With thousands of Self-Help books available to help women develop confidence in themselves and their dreams, you would think that women would be at the top of their game. And yet, more women are more stuck in Negative Head Talk than ever before! WHY?!

Because most Self-Help books are written with a logical, male point of view in mind. Own Your BS: The No-Nonsense guide to addressing your Female Head Talk explores the differences between men and women and, without the fluff and rah-rah of 'just visualise' and 'think positive', provides readers with practical and powerful strategies and tools to get a grip on stories like "I'm not good enough", "I'll fail", "she is better than me" and "I should...." by understanding what drives these stories in the first place.

Complete with downloadable templates, Own Your BS will give you not just the insight, but the strategies to take back your Personal Power and rephrase the Head Talk to serve you and influence your success.

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The Lowdown: Own Your BS is the No-Nonsense Guide to addressing your Female Head Talk. This book is the starting point to a brand that has expanded to include a Podcast, online program, Women’s Weekend Retreats and more that focuses in on helping women to get OUT of their heads with a no-nonsense approach that works.

I’ll be the first to admit that this book, at first glance, could appear to be like any number of self-help books targeting ambitious women. But the intention of this book was NOT to rehash advice that’s been shared a thousand times before – advice that very rarely causes a significant change in a woman’s life.                        

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